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8 a day, Cuni and Crister

The TV Show 8 al Día (8 a day), is the new daily magazine of 8tvchannel directed and presented by the prestigious journalist Josep Cuni. After being of audiences during 9 years on the public channel TV3 (Catalonia –...

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Efectivament Returns

Efectivament, the leader of the TV show sports gathering in Catalonia (Spain) returns to screens of Televisio de Catalunya with its new season. Coinciding with the Joan Gamper Trophy, which celebrates the FC Barcelona soccer...

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Lays – Casting of flavors

During these days, we have seen in the mass media Buenafuente, famous Spanish TV communicator, presenting Lays new advertising campaign. Famous brand of potato chips from Pepsico which have proposed to send through its web page...

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Wilhelm… it doesn’t ring a bell

How? Don’t you know Wilhelm? I do not believe, as probability and statistical issues sure sometime in your life you have heard it. Imagine for a moment that we moved to 1950 and you are responsible for sound (Foley) of the film...

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Efectivament. It’s football!!!

The birth of a new television channel is essential for the success of their programming is based on several pillars spaces along the grill. Led by a prominent professional in the field or failing to attract a host of valuable...

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New Year Message

The newly elected president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Mr. Artur Mas held yesterday in his first speech television institutional end of the year. The program broadcast in prime time for channels TV3 and 3/24 led the...

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New sport TV channel: Esport 3

Televisió de Catalunya (Catalonia – Spain) has trusted Crister Garcia for the composition and production of the promotional song of their new sports channel DTT Esport 3, featuring professional sports of Televisió de...

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Do you know what ZZZ?

ZZZ is the onomatopoeia of sleep and cultural television program of La 2 TV channel (RTVE.es) and produced by the production company El Terrat. In a few minutes, ZZZ brings you the best ideas to finish the day dreaming of the...

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Pelotas 2ond. season and end

After his second season in prime time on Televisión Española (Spanish Public television), the TV series “PELOTAS” (Balls) directs by directors, awarded a Goya, José Corbacho and Juan Cruz ended after 24 episodes. Crister Garcia...

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