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Super 8 arrives!

It has arrived the expected Super 8 film, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. I just leave the theater and I’m delighted. I was transported to the movies they did in the eighties, a mix between...

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Pelotas 2ond. season and end

After his second season in prime time on Televisión Española (Spanish Public television), the TV series “PELOTAS” (Balls) directs by directors, awarded a Goya, José Corbacho and Juan Cruz ended after 24 episodes. Crister Garcia...

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Welcome to Taylor Hits

Welcome to Taylor Hits the entrepreneurial and creative blog Crister Garcia, composer and music producer specializing in:: Tunes and soundtracks for TV, Film, Video Games and Documentaries. Jingles and music for advertising...

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