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Oscars 2013 Nominees

  Here you have a list of the major nominees. Click links to access a video or official web:   THE OSCARS 2013 NOMINEES   Best Picture Amour Argo Beasts of the Southern Wild Django Unchained Les Misérables Life of...

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Trailer 2 of TINTIN, spectacular

© Sony Pictures Digital. All Rights Reserved. After my previous post from last May 17, just out the second trailer for the new Tintin masterpiece of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, which surely will be a milestone in the...

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Super 8 arrives!

It has arrived the expected Super 8 film, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. I just leave the theater and I’m delighted. I was transported to the movies they did in the eighties, a mix between...

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Cars 2, the new wonder of Disney-Pixar

© Disney-Pixar. All Rights Reserved. By the end of June will arrive to cinema the new wonder of Disney-Pixar, Cars 2. A new adventure of Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his friends, which are involved in a spy adventure with...

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TINTIN becomes real

© Sony Pictures Digital. All Rights Reserved. Nearly 30 years has been necessary for arriving Steven Spielberg’s dream, but now we have the first spectacular trailer. According with an exclusive interview for Le Monde on...

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Wilhelm… it doesn’t ring a bell

How? Don’t you know Wilhelm? I do not believe, as probability and statistical issues sure sometime in your life you have heard it. Imagine for a moment that we moved to 1950 and you are responsible for sound (Foley) of the film...

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