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New Myspace Reborn

  Again Myspace social network dedicated to promoting musical is reinvented. The social network attained stardom in 2008, but overuse of advertising spaces and limitation in customization of its pages did quickly lose...

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New Outlook.com bye bye Hotmail

  Outlook.com is now available! the new mail service will replace Hotmail created in 1996. With a new webmail interface clean, practical and totally refreshed look, style “Metro” used by the new Windows 8,...

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Facebook buy Instagram

  Surprisingly, today it has been public the news that Facebook has bought Instagram, the most successful and popular social network specialized in sharing photos. The purchase has cost a billion dollars. Mark...

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New design at Google

This week Google is showing to American public the new design of its toolbar, which goes from the top to make it floating upright. Bar will appear only if we stand on the logo of the company. With this redesign Google intends to...

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Die Steve Jobs, Apple’s father

Visionary entrepreneur Steve Jobs, Apple brand’s father, died last night from pancreatic cancer at age 56. He is considered as a genius of the technology that surrounds us and a revolutionary of the twentieth century computing....

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I pay with Google Wallet

Google has launched its virtual wallet Google Wallet. An application that lets you pay for your purchases with a mobile phone, you should just pass it through the NFC terminal specific. Below you will find an explanatory video...

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Music for Facebook

Facebook plans to launch next September 22 its music service in the f8 developer conference. The service, which has the support of three partners, Spotify, MOG and Rdio, will allow listen to music directly from Facebook and try...

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Facebook Photos Bigger Faster

Facebook continues to improve its application every day and has updated its Photos tool. Now it’s possible to upload images to our account twice as fast and we can also view and share photos in a larger size, from 720 to...

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Sony versus Spotify with Qriocity

Sony Music has just launched in Spain an on-line service Music Unlimited Qriocity. Through it, we will have access to more than 7 millions of songs and, as well, it will be competitor of Spotify, Grooveshark … for having...

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Google buys Motorola

  Google has bought Motorola Movility, the mobile phone division. His movement has taken by surprise the market and aims to improve the integration of its Android operating system with telephony hardware. This way,...

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Youtube’s team is testing Cosmic Panda, a new experimental interface to show videos, channels, and playlist. You can play with it and make your own comments to take them into account. Surely with all of us, the Google guys...

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