Mondays at halftime of the hit comedy show “Polónia” on “prime time”, TV3 (Television of Catalonia – Spain) TV movie series debuts “Pere i Júlia“, a “minisitcom” – an unprecedented format in Catalonia – with chapters of a minute duration which represent a new way to integrate content and brand, what is known as branded content. The soundtrack and tune has been created completely by Crister Garcia.

“Pere i Júlia” is produced by TV3 created specifically with a modelable script that can be adjusted to the communication requests of different brands and even own products. The first 10 chapters have already been filmed, which will be broadcasted every Monday for 10 weeks after the News TV evening. The trademark Borges is the advertiser of the first chapter.

“Pere i Júlia” is a brief format fiction that orbits around the life of two characters that work together, but they have apparently different lifestyles. Júlia (Miranda Makaroff) is a city girl that loves music and fashion, as well the latest trends. A hyperactive girl, funny and embarrassing. Pere (Christian Guiriguet) loves sports and outdoor activities, specially mountain biking. He is a discreet guy and a bit classic, as well good gourmet and strict with all that he eats and cooks.

Pere is the head of a small communications company with headquarters in his home. Júlia has just joined as a graphic designer. Apparently they are so different, but step by step they will know that they are more similar than they think.

At the same time that television chapters are broadcasted, they will be integrated in different areas of TV programming. “Pere i Júlia” is a multiplatform product: the stories that are broadcasted goes on through different media platforms 2.0. Through the official web, the Facebook of Júlia and Pere’s blog. Audience can follow the scripts frames and characters’s evolution.

You can watch the series in the Official link Website or by clicking on the above image.


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