Today begins the regular season of “8tv” channel consolidated as the first private television in Catalonia (Spain). With general programming and targeting the family, “8tv” has carved a niche achieving an average share of 4%.

In addition to its TV Series, among its most popular shows at noon, highlights current magazine “Aruscitys“, directed and presented by journalist Alfonso Arús, with more than 10 years on the air and 2.000 programs.

And in the late night TV news magazine “8 Al Día“, directed by journalist Josep Cuní, which in a short time has established itself as one of the leaders of the territory informative a share of 8%.

“8tv” belongs to Group Godó and broadcast over DTT Catalunya (Spain).

The Group Godó has trusted once again Crister Garcia to compose all the music television channel, as well as most of their TV shows.


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