The world evolves very fast and advertising is a clear example of it. Digital technology has given us endless possibilities of getting our music projects or our products to all audiences. Everyone can become famous through the Net. Yes, even you who are reading this!

For example, every minute people upload 48 hours of video on YouTube to get our attention, although only a very small percentage will get over a million visits.

According to studies, every one of us receives daily an average of 3,000 advertising impacts! In our computer, television, at the bus shelters, on the facades of the buildings… That’s a lot!

With this mass of adverts, our brain gets blocked, and what at first fascinated us, it is now just annoying and repetitive. We get bored, and we just end up hating it.

Therefore, the “passive” advertising whereby the advertiser demonstrates and the audience pay attention has disappeared. Now, the public has the last word.

As a viewer, you are in command of what you choose to see, how to see it, and who you want to share that song, promotion or experience with. And best of all, you do it immediately.

Therefore, those responsible for communication strategies have had to go a little further and turn publicity into something that should be shared. Either by a viral message, which I will explain in a future article, or by a very calculated marketing strategy that will turn our brand into a “lovebrand”. A brand that everybody loves.

Here you have a cool video of how Coca-Cola, the world’s most desired brand, has made its strategy.
Coca Cola Content 2020 – Part 1

Watch HERE
Coca Cola Content 2020 – Part 2

Watch HERE
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