Just as names like “Adele” or “Beyonce” suddenly appeared overnight on the music scene, it looks like this year there will be several names that will surely start people talking.

The American singer-songwriter Lana del Rey or the Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé, intend to take over and stand out as great artists of this year.

Lana del Rey is the one who starts with a slight advantage and who has had more comments made about her 40’s diva aesthetics and retro sound. Like many other artists, it was said publicly that she was from humble origins. But later, it was discovered that in fact she is the daughter of a millionaire from the Internet business.

Her new album “Born To Die” is set to be released later this January.

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On the other hand, Emeli Sandé has won the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award in 2012 as the best upcoming artist. Previously, this award went to Adele (2008) and Jessie J (2011).

In one of her first British Chart hits she starred alongside rapper Professor Green, with the song “Read All About It“.

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Her debut album “Our Version of Events” is set to be released on 14th February from which the single “Next To Me” will be also released.

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The fact is that in their own style, they sing beautifully. What do you think?


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