It has just arrived one of the classic Christmas ads in Spain, the annual meeting of one the main prestigious cava’s brand, Freixenet, made always by worldwide celebrities of art and society national and international.

Follow the appearance of Shakira in the previous edition, dance in the contemporary forms of classical and flamenco takes on major relevant on this occasion. Represented by the dancer and choreographer Sara Baras also the choreographer and dancer Jose Carlos Martinez, artistic director of the National Dance Company accompanying by four members of this Company: Elisabeth Biosca, Agnes Lopez, Kayoko Everhart and Nandita Shankardass.

Advertisement, on this time, visually seems more austere compared to previous editions but it wins in elegance and beauty. It shows the passion and confrontation of both dance’s styles music blend with intense and magnificent effects of the bubbles.

Directed by Briton Howard Greenlagh through creative agency JWT and a soundtrack composed by producer Ivan Llopis.

In addition, I leave the Making Of and an interesting documentary about their characters:

Sara Baras 2011 Freixenet Ad

Freixenet 2011 Making Of Sara Baras

Freixenet 2011 Documentary with Sara Baras and José Carlos Martínez

Thanks to the friends of Las canciones de la tele and Siempre Comunicando by providing some detail that I needed to make.

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