Visionary entrepreneur Steve Jobs, Apple brand’s father, died last night from pancreatic cancer at age 56.

He is considered as a genius of the technology that surrounds us and a revolutionary of the twentieth century computing. His creations have always been one step ahead in design and marketing issues, turning the brand into a lifestyle.

Surely many of us have or have ever seen an iPod, iPhone, iPhone or a Macintosh computer.

What everyone does not remember is that in the early eighties Jobs popularized the mouse and the common window system on our computers, and also in the field of entertainment, in 1986 bought Lucasfilm’s computer division and became Pixar Animation Studios film producer of animation, which years later has revolutionized great movies like Toy Story, Nemo, Up, among many others.

Steve Jobs now rests in peace. He has been one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century that changed the world of computers, technology, music and entertainment.

You do not miss his speech at Stanford University during the opening of the course of 2005. Reveals interesting details of their beginnings and their way of thinking.

Thank you for having the courage to turn your dreams into reality and share them with humanity.

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