1. Decide before you start, when you’re going to throw in the towel.
  2. Your product is not the product, your business model is the product.
  3. The only plan it is to learn as you go.
  4. Do not expect to be ready to begin.
  5. You do not need that money [yet].
  6. The truth is out there [So go outside!].
  7. An entrepreneur needs friends [large social networks, diversified, quality].
  8. You find out where it hurts [and make sure it hurts a lot].
  9. Focus [no, really: Focus].
  10. Do more, faster.
  11. Do not make plans, make prototypes.
  12. Simplify [the maximum].
  13. Delivery soon [and often].
  14. You become obsessed with the metrics [the few essential].
  15. Get feedback early [and often].
  16. You must be wrong soon [and you learn fast].
  17. Go back to start again [and still learning].
  18. Stay small [up to you should no longer remain so].
  19. Beware [stay in shape, eat healthy, rest].
  20. Unplug from time to time.

And a corollary: soon find yourself a good lawyer.

Via | Nodos en la red
Via | Seth Godin
Via | Fernando Trias de Bes