Premiere of one of the most famous musicals in history, “The Lion King” comes to Madrid (Spain) on October 21st first performed in Spanish.

“The Lion King” is a spectacular theatrical adaptation of Disney‘s famous film, which transports the viewer into the African savannah with memorable recreation, a pioneering concept art, exotic choreography and haunting melodies.

The work was premiered on Broadway in 1997 and has been represented around 5 continents. Winner in 1998 of 6 Tony Awards, including Best New Musical.

The original music Oscar’s winner, was composed by Hans Zimmer and songs by Elton John, Tim Rice, Mark Mancina, Lebo M, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor. The adaptation of the original booklet into Spanish is provided by Jordi Galceran, a talented playwright, writer and screenwriter.

The production of this magnificent work is done by specializing in producing of great success musicals, Stage Entertainment Spain.

Presentation of “The Lion King”

First day of rehearsal

The Lion King – Composing original music

The music on stage


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