Sony Music has just launched in Spain an on-line service Music Unlimited Qriocity. Through it, we will have access to more than 7 millions of songs and, as well, it will be competitor of Spotify, Grooveshark … for having option at this emergent business of (music in the cloud).

Its navigator is similar than iTunes of Apple and it will be compatible with our PC as well as the rest of Sony’ devices with Internet connexion, Playstation 3, PSP, Bravia televisions, Blu-Ray… and they are developing an application for being used in Smartphone with Android.

There are two options for subscription:

Basic Service (3,99€/mes)

  • There is no advertisement between songs and allows access to subject matter.

Premium Service (9,99€/mes)

  • Full access to songs, discs, reproduction’s list… So, it is the same than Spotify

Its catalogue includes own songs from Sony, as well, from EMI, Universal, Warner, etc.

Qriocity was available as videoclub on-line some months ago in EEU, Europe and Japan and in short will arrive to Latin America.

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