For many years with the arrival of summer in Spain there is a curious phenomenon in television and other media. The union of the music industry with exclusive songs, catchy and quirky, with all major brands of beer. Ads full of good cheer, love, unforgettable experiences, travel around the world, life of the party and a long list of possibilities.

This practice is spreading to other countries and what started out as something original, is turning into a crusade to get larger audiences, on screen, online and on the dance floor. This is War! …. Beer War!

Here I leave you videos of the most recent advertising campaigns have drawn attention to me.

Heineken – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “The Golden Age”

Heineken – The Date

Estrella Damm Formentera 2009 – Billie the vision & the dancers “Summercat”

Estrella Damm el Bulli 2011 – Herman Düne “I wish that I could see you soon”

San Miguel 2011 – Delafé y Las Flores Azules “Ciudadanos de un lugar llamado Mundo”

Cruzcampo 2011 – Un poco de Sur

Which do you prefer? What do you think is most accurate? Do you like video and not the music? Or vice versa? Are you the king or queen of the party? Are you in love as in the video? Leave a comment.

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Via | Foto from Oktoberfest from Drugoi Livejournal

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