Music software maker Steinberg launches major upgrade to its flagship application for post-production professional Nuendo 5.5, which fixes minor bugs and adds new features already included Cubase 6 his little brother.

Among its new features and improvements include:

  • An update of its video engine that works more smoothly in HD.
  • Now is fully compatible with 64-Bit Mac.
  • New Algorithm for Time Stretching Élastique Pro.
  • Improved in quantization, transient detection on the track and multitrack workflow.
  • New plugin Amp Rack VST guitar amplifier.
  • In the extended version, Nuendo Kit Expanded 5.5, has been included improved VST Expression 2, the update VST 3.5, new sounds in HALion SE Sonic and new versions of LoopMash, Grove Beat ONE Agent Designer.
“I work with Nuendo in my studio for years and is an invaluable tool, powerful, stable, fast and very easy to use, both in songwriting duties, dubbing and audio post-production.” – Crister Garcia – Composer & Music Producer, Crister Music, SPAIN

As a picture paints a thousand words, in the following videos you will see running Nuendo 5:

New features coming to Cubase 6 are summarized in this video:


The update can be downloaded free for users of Nuendo 5 official website.

Via | Steinberg Nuendo 5.5 Official Web


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