In the digital age we are living, everything can happen. If you compose or produce good music and you do a good use of free tools that Internet offers to you, perhaps will be able to get the same results than indie Bon Iver training.

His debut album, title as he has landed into the # 2 of the Top-200 albums selling 104,000 copies Billboard in its first week without making radio advertising campaign.

In the same dates, Latin rapper Pitbull through a multinational discography launched its 6th album title Planet Pit and this one landed into # 7 with 55,000 albums sold. But, due to the massive advertising campaign and his successful first single “Give me Everything”, in short, arrived to # 1 on the Billboard singles chart’s Hot-100, getting more than 2 million digital downloads to date.

Every day there are more examples such as the Bon Iver’s formation. The real situation is to do something good and address the public knows who loves you with dedication and hard work. You must not believe that your results or success are faults of the others; now, it’s time for action and you must go to the promotion. Let people know your work is basic for having a realistic assessment.

So, you should ask your audience what they like and do not in your music; use social networks to make them participate and if it doesn’t’ happen start over with another. Surely with all the comments you make something better that fits what your audience expects of you.

Bon Iver’s “Cal­gary” (Directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting):

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