Who could say that when it began as a viral advertising campaign during 2009, it should became a worldwide phenomenon. They called Flashmob and it is an organized event or unusual action in a public place made by a lot of people who instantly made it and then quickly disperse.

Now it is usual to organize Flashmob in high schools, universities, gyms, television series, among many other places, so the novelty effect is gone.

There are a lot of Good flashmob but it would be great to include in this article the best; so if you know other spectacular video, please tell us and add your suggestions 😉

To begin I leave the 3 videos that I like, two and one dance song:


Black Eyed Peas “I GOT A FEELING” withn Oprah Wymphrey in Chicago (2009)


The pioneer, T-MOBILE DANCE at Liverpool Street Station (2009)


13500 people singing in Trafalgar Square (2009)


I wait for your suggestions.