Many of the Twitter’s users have wondered what day and what time it is better to publish a story on our blog or in our social networks.

It is not difficult to find different theories that are targeted from Tuesday to Thursday, at lunchtime, early afternoon, or late in the day.

What is clear is that the best time to publish a new (post o tweet) is when most fans are willing to read it. Although it depends on the type of followers you have:

  • if the majority of your fans are college students or classmates, during the class’ time, you will not have many followers.
  • if they are workers that do not have a computer at the workplace, until they finish work and / or come home, they will not be able to follow you
  • if they work connected to the network, when they are more receptive is early in the afternoon after lunch.
  • if they are permanently connected to social networks … no matter the time forwards. They need to devour information.

As you see depends on several factors, but to make your life a little easier here I leave the link to the tool TweetWhen, which examines the last 1000 tweets you have posted in Twitter using a graphic tells you the days and hours that have received more response. So you will know when best to publish content.

My result was on Thursday at 02 pm. What’s about you?

Official Web | TweetWhen

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