As we advanced some weeks ago in the article on Music in the cloud, yesterday Apple has announced a big way its new music service in the cloud iCloud, and it arrives loaded with steroids.

I make a brief summary:

The music purchased on iTunes is downloaded via Wi-Fi (or 3G) and automatically synchronizes all your devices (up to 10) you may access it instantly on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Pc, etc.

iCloud allows downloading all times that you want the music purchased on iTunes to a quality of 256 kbps. Although unlike Spotify is not played via streaming. So once you download the songs do not need a continuous Internet connection.

iCloud synchronizes photos, calendars, email devices, and other desktop tools. To synchronize your photos Apple gives you 5 GB to be able to upload your material, but you have only 30 days before the content will be deleted.

The big new of iCloud is iTunes Match, only for $ 25 per year (U.S. price) check your song’s library that you have in your device, no matter if the songs have been purchased from iTunes or not, if have been ripped from CDs or downloads if they are not legal. Upload data to Apple’s servers and thus allows us to have all the content in our devices with the quality above described. So… a blow to piracy.

We expect to see its final assault after its launch in autumn 2011

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