It is the service leader in music listening on-line with more than 1 million users and a catalogue of over 13 million songs and increasing every day. It offers you very good quality of listening.

It works by downloading a program available for all platforms Windows, Mac and Linux (still in beta), in addition to the mobile version iOS Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Palm. So, it is that almost everyone can use it.

This program searches and switches songs. You can value them, share on social networks and virtual storage in your own files. Spotify catalogue can be combined with the library of songs from our iTunes and / or Windows Media.

The service offers 3 modes of access:

  • OPEN (Free): Basic, it offers 10 hours of listening per month free, but it has advertising between different songs.
  • UNLIMITED (4.99 € / month): Access from your computer to the entire catalogue of music without advertising.
  • PREMIUM (9.99 € / month): All the previous one (UNLIMITED access) in addition to mobile devices to share with our entire catalogue.

Next video will show it and probably will clarify a bit more the different access’s way:

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