It’s probable by now that you have heard or read on the Internet about the term “Music in the cloud”, a new expression from the technological culture with which we live and which renews every second that passes.
In the Spanish language the phrase “in the cloud” is associated with different meanings depending on the words preceding it. For example:

  • “Being in the clouds” means “to be distracted”.
  • “Put somebody or something in the clouds” means “to praise somebody or something very much”.
  • “Living in the clouds” means “not living in the real world, thinking that everything is perfect”.
  • We even say that something is “In the clouds” when something is really expensive.

Of course, any of the above expressions could be a reference to the music business:

  • The on-line music business has been “in the clouds” ever since ground-breaking peer to peer (p2p) services like Napster, eMule or BitTorrent and increasing network speeds, popularised it.
  • There are many music bands that have been praised to the skies, both by the media and in the interests of the industry, and although they may be good, they are not that praiseworthy. I’m sure some of you have one in mind, although it is also true that many of them do they deserve it.
  • For the general public, many of the big pop stars “live in the clouds” due to their extravagant lifestyles paid for by their millionaire benefits, and as such they are envied. However, the reality is not always like this; most of the time there is a sad story behind each artist.
  • And finally, the price of music is also “in the clouds”. No comment necessary.

So, what do we understand when we hear “Music in the cloud” ? What does it mean?

A few years ago, to get a song from our favourite band we had to go to the music stores and buy an LP, a cassette, or a CD. Later, very gradually, on-line stores appeared where you could buy songs and download them to your computer or mobile phone.

It is also worth mentioning the illegal music sharing services with which millions of people shared their songs over the Internet without the authors permission.



Is a term that describes a new way of consuming music which aims to revolutionise the record industry. With this, we can take our music wherever we want without it filling our hard drives or the memory of our mobile phones. The songs that we choose will be transmitted over the network (streaming). This will require a continuous connection to the Internet , although some services allow you to download contents to your computer.

There are different services on offer:

but in future articles I will give you a brief summary of the most popular. This will help you to choose which one you like best.

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