The most difference related the other options is that Grooveshark is a service that lets you listen to music without having to install anything on your computer, since its use is through an application from within the browser.

Too, users can upload songs from your computer and they are added to the service catalog.

Quality’s songs are correct, although a bit less than Spotify which is its highest competitor, especially the songs that have been upload by users. It is the same case that for the song’s labeling.

Service offers 3 modes of access:

  • FREE (Free): Full access to all the songs with advertising.
  • PLUS (6 $ / month): Access from your computer to the entire catalog of music without advertising.
  • ANYWHERE (9 $ / month): All the previous and share through mobile devices the amount of the catalog.

Due to the last limitations imposed by Spotify in free mode of listening, Grooveshark is emerging as a major competitor to snatch a piece of cake.

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