During these days, we have seen in the mass media Buenafuente, famous Spanish TV communicator, presenting Lays new advertising campaign. Famous brand of potato chips from Pepsico which have proposed to send through its web page videos with ideas for new flavors. The best proposals will be marketed by the brand and its creator will receive a percentage of sales. It is an imaginative and suggestive idea that is becoming well accepted and popular for the final public.

So, last May 22nd, the TV Show named Salvados (La Sexta TV – Spain) introduced by Jordi Évole decided to promoted, too, the advertising campaign. During the spot, the musical soundtrack is composed by Crister García.

Here’s the video:

As the TV Show was the last of this season, the team organized to Jordi (presenter) a treasure hunt through the Spanish territory where different famous people of culture, journalism, politics and media in Spain (Miguel Bose, Antonio Gala, José M ª García José Bono, Kiko Rivera “Paquirrín, Aitana Sanchez Gijon,….) led him to a fatal end ..

Click on image to view the TV show (in Spanish)

Official Web of the advertising campaign | Lays.es

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