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Nearly 30 years has been necessary for arriving Steven Spielberg’s dream, but now we have the first spectacular trailer.

According with an exclusive interview for Le Monde on December 2009, the dram began in 1981 when Spielberg with Harrison Ford read the criticism of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, which critics compared the film with such a Tintin … The director knew nothing about the adventures of the intrepid reporter comic, famous in Europe but little known in the U.S.; so, he decided to investigate about it.

In early 1983 while in London were filming the second part of Indiana Jones, Spielberg contacted with the cartoonist creator of Tintin, Hergé and his wife, and they agreed to meet weeks later to discuss about the project. But that meeting could not be performed because the artist died a few days after that call.

The project was in stand by because he didn’t find a good enough screenplay. As well, Spielberg became to project more serious and the technological situation didn’t offer to help enough quality for recreating completely the details that director wanted to impress.

One day talking with his producer Kathleen Kennedy about the good memories of the past and in that exciting situation, Spielberg decided to get back to this project and his production company, DreamWorks, in 2002 bought the complete rights of this work and started all the necessary for doing that will be a trilogy of character.

Spielberg decided to enlist the help of Peter Jackson, director of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, who will act as co-producer and co-writer of the series.

For your information, both filmmakers have chosen to use motion capture technology, created by Robert Zemeckis on such films as Polar Express, in which real actors play their role in costumes full of sensors and their movements are captured and transplanted into the virtual characters computer. On this way, could represent perfectly the world that Hergé created on paper, but with a realism never seen to date. This technique has arrived to incredible limits as you can see in the attached video. .

Ah! The soundtrack is provided by the maestro John Williams. Sure to be another masterpiece in his very extensive career.

Premiere will be on October 2011 in Europe and on December in the U.S. While … Enjoy with the amazing images!

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