On the grounds that this week marks the first 100 days of the new Catalan government in front of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia – Spain), the director of Televisió de Catalunya, Mònica Terribas interviewed yesterday to president of the Generalitat Mr. Artur Mas. The program broadcast in prime time on TV3 (Spain) led the audience with a 21.3% share.

Tune of TV show has been composed and produced by Crister Garcia.



“When composing the tune I had in mind the importance and status of the interviewee, I wanted to be represented by orchestral touches that give solemnity.

While below the orchestra and in contrast, a discrete electronic base that evokes the new technological era we live.

For the implementation used library: Symphobia 2, Hollywoodwinds, CineOrch, Omnisphere, Cinematic Guitars and Evolve.

In the mix, especially, I used plugins: SSL, Neve, Fats and 1176LN UAD-2, Sonnox, Suite FabFilter and Vienna.”




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