The birth of a new television channel is essential for the success of their programming is based on several pillars spaces along the grill. Led by a prominent professional in the field or failing to attract a host of valuable media audience.

Today Esport 3, the recently released television sports channel of Televisió de Catalunya (Catalonia – Spain), is launching one of its new flagship programs, Efectivament (effectively). Title comes from the typical hose used by its presenter, the famous sports journalist Lluís Canut and one of the most recognizable faces of the television channel TV3.

The TV Show will air from Monday to Thursday (23:15 hours) and is devoted entirely to sports gathering, which will mainly address the actuality of football clubs, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and RCD Español, and with the participation of prominent athletes and journalists.

The catchy tune was composed and produced by Crister Garcia and performed by Oriol Padrós.

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“… As soon as I requested this project, I had it clear, I had to imagine a tune that had a lot of strength in the chorus, she represented the passion of soccer, but no major scandals since it is a program that emits about midnight.

The electric guitar sound express the strength, and with her had to find a voice of a young singer with charisma and claw.

Once I had the leitmotif of the tune played to decide what kind of production take place, pop-rock style or something more common to date with the processed guitar sound with a mix of Moog and an electronic database with a lot of vintage compression. I liked doing something different and chose the second option.

I was lucky, I hit the first with the result.

For production I used: Electric Guitar Gybson, Vir2 Electri6ity, Omnisphere, Cinematic Guitars and Metrum Vengeance.

In the mix, I used plugins to give him punch and a touch of rock: SSL, Neve, Fats, Fairchild 670 and 1176LN, and a touch of sound tape, the new Studer A800 UAD-2. Sonnox also common. ”



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