When summer arrives, it is time to enjoy sun, sea and mountains. Cities are full of tourists who take pictures to everything that looks interesting.

Bodies are getting browned under the sun; some of them lay on the beach and others, as musical notes lying on a stave, on board of white luxury yachts that cleaves the blue coast water. A stroke of luck in your life and just you’ll be there. With you, a beautiful and pleasant company

It is time when bands are at full during their tours and the stupid battle for knowing which will be the summer’s songs filled newspapers, radio and websites.

Some lucky few people have started their Holiday, others have not done yet. With you, a refreshing drink helps you beat the heat sit on a terrace full of people either. In the bar, a plasma screen shows that there is a line of drivers due to the exit operation, strike at airports by the air traffic controller, that if the X hurricane destroying some part of the Caribbean…. Well, some usual news in Holidays

At least in so far this year we have had some others news really very surprising.

Who does not remember:

  • “Eruption of Iceland Volcano called Eyjafjalla that paralyzed air traffic from northern Europe.”li>


  • “Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA basketball league and the Spanish, Pau Gasol, this second Ring.”li>


  • “Rafael Nadal tennis player won Roland Garros and Wimbledon prizes. In this last tournament was held the longest match in tennis history, which required 11 hours and 5 minutes for finishing. “


  • “Spanish Soccer Team won for the first time in its history the World Cup of Football.”


  • “Singer Shakira and her song” Waka Waka” got to be the # 1 in over 40 countries, and is now the official anthem of a best-selling World Cup of all time.”


  • “ITunes Store reaches 10,000 million songs sold.”


  • “Avatar is the first film to exceed the limit of 2,000 million dollars in revenues and became the biggest box-office hit in history.”


  • “Toy Story 3, Origin and Shrek- Happily Ever emerge as the biggest box-office films of the summer”


  • “In Apple get one’s act together; a new electronic device iPad tablet begins to wreak havoc and is expected a successful career. Meanwhile, it is just landed in Apple its new mobile phone iPhone 4 ready to be the best mobile phone of 2010. “

In the same time that I’m remembering, through the loudspeakers of the local sounds a catchy song that makes me vibrates immediately.

Junto a ti” (With you) salsa version of the song Antonio José, included in the compilation Caribe Mix 2010 (White and Black Music).

You should learn salsa dance classes urgently!

Official Web | antoniojosemusic.com

Web compilation | CARIBE MIX 2010