After a long break Seven Sins is back. After a long break Seven Sins is back. Led by the prestigious DJ and producer, Crister Garcia, the author of dance floor hits such as “Irresistible (video)” or “Stop shaking up my heart (video)”, they have now joined forces with the vocalist Celia Fox to create “Call Me”, a melancholic but powerful track. With its unique, polished and well elaborated sound, reminiscent of Kate Ryan or Cascada, this track is going straight to the most commercial radios and dance floors. If you are a lover of pop-dance, you need to get up, shake your hips and put your hands in the air…. “Call Me” is an essential song in your collection.

Here’s the promotional video:

It is included in IBIZA2010 The Official Compilation (Universal Music / Vale Music)

Also available @ Juno Records, Amazon, Youtube Music, etc.

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Reference | Jolie “Irresistible” Blanco y Negro Music
Reference | Set Sins “Stop Shaking Up my Heart” Blanco y Negro Music