Welcome to Taylor Hits the entrepreneurial and creative blog Crister Garcia, composer and music producer specializing in::

  • Tunes and soundtracks for TV, Film, Video Games and Documentaries.
  • Jingles and music for advertising (radio and TV spots)
  • Creation of corporate music, trademarks, hymns and event
  • Composition and Musical Production for Record Labels
  • Art Direction singers
  • Selection and musical montage
  • Music Publishing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Multimedia and Technological advice

14 years of industry experience and three decades devoted to music have earned the works of Crister Garcia national and international recognition as a hearing, sales and awards.

Leading companies in the audiovisual sector, record labels and entertainment, have checked the quality of their creations and rely on every day at work.

His musical knowledge and culture, audiovisual and multimedia allow him to have a particular view you want to share with you through this blog, in which apart from taking his business, he will summarize the news and highlights from the world of music and technology practice. Also share analysis, advice, the “Making Of” of their products, and more.

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